About Hack Biohacking

Hi I’m Adrian and I’m the founder of HackBiohacking.com.

I’m not an elite athlete, sports scientist or somebody who’s got all day every day to try out the latest health, fitness and diet “trends”, that I then video or photograph and put on social media. I’m in my 40s and let’s just say that getting up at 5am every day isn’t all that appealing, and salad isn’t my favourite food.

I’m also not trying to become superhuman, complete an Ironman triathlon, get a six-pack or turn in to Bradley Cooper’s character from the film Limitless, but if I do achieve of any these things because of my biohacking journey, that’s a bonus.

I strive to be a significantly better and more effective human being in all areas, not just in terms of how much I can bench press, how many pullups I can do, or how fast I can run 10km, but when working or relaxing too as these are probably even more relevant to somebody like me.

I’m somebody who used to be very fit and healthy in my 20s and early 30s, and a bit of an adrenaline junky too, but over the years let this slip because (here come the excuses) I’m very busy running multiple successful businesses and when I’m not doing that, I’m enjoying time with my family and friends – I see myself as quite normal for somebody of my age and in my situation.

But I knew I needed to stop the downward health and fitness spiral I was in.

It was 100% my fault I felt tired, sluggish and over weight, that I didn’t have the energy I wanted, and lacked the focus, creativity, determination and, as my wife Alison would say “mojo” that I used to have in abundance.

So I started exercising again, but I went further by researching and trying out new things, and in the process, realised that when it comes to my physical and mental health, fitness, and my creativity, I can simply modify my exercise, nutrition, sleep, home and office environments, the way I work and my mindset, to easily either get the same results as most people get, but in a fraction of the time, or far greater results in the same amount of time – that’s exciting to me. I also like the idea that biohacking can help me in business too.

I believe three basic things when it comes to biohacking:

  1. Biohacking can benefit everybody…

    Your age, health, fitness, financial situation, education, where you live and even the amount of time you have available doesn’t matter, it will work for you, if you let it. And it’s available to everybody too, not just professional athletes, celebrities, elite military personnel or those in Silicon Valley.

  2. Biohacking can and should be 100% safe and legal…

    I’ve never even contemplated taking risks with my health or pushing the limits of what’s not just legally, but morally right.

  3. Biohacking needn’t be complicated – it’s actually relatively simple…

    Science and experimentation may be the foundation behind biohacking, and it’s a complicated subject, but scientists and researchers are doing the “heavy lifting” so you and I don’t have to.

As I’m time poor, I’m focused on working out what, to use a business term, gives the best “Return on Investment (ROI)” when I invest time, money and effort – I basically want to “Hack Biohacking”. And while I’m doing that, I wanted to share what I find out with people like you, so you can be a “Biohacking Hacker” too, getting the best possible results in the shortest possible time, as easily as possible, without spending money unnecessarily.

So that’s a bit of background on me and why I started this website.

But this isn’t a blog or a website about me, it’s a resource for people like you and me, helping us get what we want, helping us achieve the ideal version of ourselves through biohacking – that’s why I’d love to hear what brought you to this website, what your goals and challenges are, how the site and social media pages help or could help you, and how you get on, as we take this journey together.

Catch you later,