Get Clean – Minimise your exposure to toxins whenever possible . . .

Before you use chemicals for anything, to clean your home, in your food and drink, on the skin and even in clothes, remember that you should minimise your exposure to toxins whenever you have the chance. 

I always say, “Would you give it a lick?” when looking at products, becuase if the answer’s “No” then maybe there’s a better, safer alternative, less toxic.

These days, almost everything contains chemicals and toxins, and although they may be fnudamentally safe, actually over time they’re makig us unwell.

Our bodies can remove toxins, but you must think of your body as a container that’s filling up with toxins and out body is working hard to expel them before things overflow, because if it does the consiquences are serious, even life threatening.

So we must all be carefully and appreciate what toxins we can’t avoid, like those in our enviroment from polution and in products other’s have chosen to use, and those that we can control, for the overall state of health.

The best way to address this is to look for alternatives that are better and safer, organic is a good way to start.

And as an added benefit, if your body’s not working as hard to remove toxins it can work more effectively on things like burning fat, building muscle, improving brain function and all sorts of other good things.

So help your body help you by minimizing your exposure to tocins wherever possible.

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