Biohack Your Water – you’ll remove toxins and make it much more effective . . .

For men, the body’s about 60% water and for women it’s about 55%, and we all know we should be drinking plenty of water to flush out our system and keep us fully hydrated, but you can do much more by biohacking the water we use, not just drink.

Think about:

  • Choosing the right source of water
  • Purifying and filter the water based on how and where you use it
  • Store your water correctly to stop it picking up toxins and chemicals
  • Add nutrients to pure water so you know what you’re taking and in what dose
  • Use water at different temperatures, depending on your objectives
  • And drink water at different times of the day to achieve different things in the body

Water is under valued and appreciated, but by biohacking it, which you can find out about in a detailed article here, you can turn it form something quite basic, in to a freely available, easy to incorporate biohack.

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