Get Uncomfortable – Move out of your comfort zone and improve your life . . .

If you stay in your comfort zone you’ll never improve and unless you’re continually improving you’ll be less than you could be and also more likely to be unhappy.

We are naturally looking for stability, security and predictability in our lives, it’s a result of evolution, but these days the chance of being hunted down by a wild animal or exposed to something really dangerous is very small indeed, but it doesn’t stop our brain’s working this way.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re working on your strength, cardiovascular fitness, your nutrition, your skills and expertise or even your social life, change is something most of us try to avoid, but the reality is you should embrace it, within reason.

It’s silly to suggest you should put yourself at risk every single day, but equally by starting with small uncomfortable things, from running an extra mile or pushing the number of reps you do at the gym, to trying new foods or even asking for what you want, even if you feel a bit uncomfortable doing it, these relatively harmless changes that make you uncomfortable are making you a better, stronger person.

Along side the safety of normal life and living in the comfort zone, you also need stimulation and that’s’ why getting comfortable with trying and maybe liking new and different things is key.

So you don’t need to chase an adrenalin rush every day, but pushing more every day will make you appreciate just how much more you’re capable of achieving and make incremental improvements that over the course of a few weeks will transform any area of life you choose to focus on.

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