Create A Morning Routine – This sets you up for the day and gives you structure . . .

Create a morning routine becuase this sets you up for the day, gives you a structure and it also automatically makes your body and mind act in a beneficial way before the stress of the day takes you off track.

It is easy to be unproductive, espceially in the mornings. Some people tend to oversleep and have no direction for the rest of the day, others are rushed and the momentum created doesn’t set thinsg up for later on.

Without a morning routine you’ll easily fall to the negative effects of stress, poor sleep, bad eating, reduced physical condition and of course a lack of productivity.

It is therefore crucial to establish routines especially for the mornings. As the start of your day sets the tone for the rest of it.

Routines don’t have to be boring either, so it’s well worth incorporating some fun or “me” time in to this, as this will put your priorites aead of other people’s, which si also a real benefit.

You naturally want a certain amount of predictability and certainty, so make the most of this natural desire with a morning routine that’s individual and right for your goals and expecattions and what works best, form a biohacking perspective can be found in the article What’s the best moring routine? On this website.

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