Is Biohacking Safe And Legal?

The term biohacking is frequently misunderstood as being something it isn’t and that’s why people can’t be sure it’s safe. So that’s whey they ask: “Is biohacking safe and legal?”

Is biohacking safe? Because biohacking is the scientifically based approach to imporving your body and mind it can and should be safe. Experts have done research so just like any self imporvement activity, whether that’s exercise, nutrtion medication or anything else, you should always, because we are all unique human beings, work with professionals and get personalised advice, that way it’s 100% safe for you.

Is biohacking legal? Biohacking of a certain types is legal. In nutrigenomic biohacking (nutritionally altering your body), most of this is 100% legal, however you’ll find that use of some things, like steriods are banned in competition. Other forms of biohacking when it comes to exercise, recovery, wearable technology and related biohacking subjects are also legal. What isn’t legal, unless you are authorised and regulated, are areas of biohacking like Do It Yourslef Biology and Grinder Biohackikng.

The term ‘biohacking’ in its purest form, is the overall term for a wider range of subsections. These subsections are:

  • Nutrigenomics
  • Do-it-yourself biology
  • Grinder biohacking

These three subsections are each a different type and extreme of biohacking, which we will explain and get into further detail later so the science doesn’t worry you because you’re already doing it at soime level now so imporving it will only have beneficial effects for you.

These forms of biohacking are largely illegal and frowned upon in the scientific community as it likened to practising medicine without a license, something we all know is wrong and dangerous.

You’ll also find that biohacking covers all sorts of other subjects related to improving your body and mind which you’ll see in this article.

Things like performance clothing, rest and revovery techniques, wearable technology, exercise strategies, diets, meditation and environmantal factors also come under the broad subject of biohacking. And again, when done correctly all these can and should be 100% safe.

What are these different types of biohacking?

What is Nutrigenomics?

The most mainstream section of biohacking is nutrigenomics.

Nutrigenomics, or Nutritional genomics, is the scientific study of the relationship bwteen the human genome, nutrition and health. Basically it’s about uncovering how your health, fitness, wellbeing and body changes because of nutrition.

Done correctly you can physically and chemically alter your body and mind, and how well it functions, by improving your nutrition.

This can range from manipulating and getting better quality sleep, to taking dietery supplements to see benefits such as reduced cancer risk or heart disease, better mental focus, imporvements in fitness, reducing body fat levels, improving moood and happiness and much more.

Nutrigenomic biohacking is largely safe.

In order to overdose on most nutrients you have to consume way over the recommended limit – a lot over the recommended limit. To the point where it is impossible to do it accidentally. Side effects are present but none that are likely to lead to fatality.

Do-it-yourself and grinder biohacks are a different story however in terms of safety. As they deal with experimenting with largely untested science on yourself and even your actual genome/DNA – huge risks are involved.

What is Do-it-yourself biology?

Due to the the controversy surrounding the ethics of Do-it-yourself biology  (DIY bio) it is the most renowned subsection of biohacking, which is why it’s often in the news for the right and wroing reasons.

It is testing unproven science on oneself (conducting experiments) in attempt to achieve a desired outcome or ability.

As some of DIY bio relates to editing your own DNA it raises moral questions. Understandably, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in America said that the sale of kits which encourage this type of biohacking are illegal due to the safety risks involved.

This ‘gene therapy’ is often mislabelled as ‘biohacking’ as a whole, when it is only a subsection under the umbrella of ‘biohacking’.

People often think about science-fiction and metal or bionic limbs when hearing the term ‘biohacking”, but that’s not the reality.

People are often disappointed and underwhelmed when finding out its actual meaning in terms of nutrigenomics and DIY bio. Although, Grinder biohacking is the beginning of this sci-fi side of things.

What is Grinder Biohacking?

Grinder biohackers use technological implants or chemicals to alter their bodies and make steps towards improving themselves, this is also related to what’s known as the biopunk movement.

The tech and chemicals are, in today’s world, extremely risky and dangerous, so I’d stay away from this subsection for a good few years yet.

There are many examples of Grinder Biohacks such as body implants of RFID and NFC chips and magnets, especially the hands, while others have developed implants to test blood, and measure body temperature.

In reality many of the applications here are achieveable in other ways without risk, especially with the latest wearable technology.

Risks and Side Effects

As with almost any thing, yes there are side effects, even in nutrigenomic biohacking.

Having too much of anything can be a bad thing, this applies to overdosing or consuming nutrition supplements or the nutritious substance/product itself.

The majority of gadgets and tech which help in biohacking don’t come with any particular risks or side effects, bed fans, measurement tools and such are all essentially risk free.

There aren’t any common side effects between the nutrition and technological side of biohacking.

Dosage and effect varies from person to person. Consider what you are taking, how much and what else is being taken along side it before taking anything.

A more detailed and specific look at side effects and benefits can be found in articles especially on the nutrition and tools themselves.

Ways you can (nutrigenomically) biohack yourself and the potential benefits of them

Take supplements or consume more nutritious specific foods. Supplements for various minerals and vitamins are said to provide many benefits for your body and can (although it is not recommended unless necessary) replace certain foods and their nutrients.

Although, it is always best to consume the nutrients naturally through foods which contain them. The benefits can include better exercise performance, fat burning and decrease the effects of stress and anxiety.

Read up on various nutrients and their benefits and see which most applies to you in this comprehensive review of biohacking supplements.

In the article you’ll find out the best supplements for memory and focus, allergies and strengthing your immune system, improving your cardiovascualr health, building muscle, burning fat and improving your sleep.

There’s also information on this and on biohacking your sleep here too.


Nutrigenomic biohacking is fundamentally safe when following the correct expert advice.

Specific dangers of nutrigenomic biohacking are virtually non-existent, rather the potential dangers lie in other places. Whether that’s being safe ordering on the internet, reading labels or keeping to a recommended dosage, feel safe in biohacking your body nutritionally and enjoy the potential benefits which come from it, it can posirtively transform your life.

For DIY bio and Grinder biohacking, I say stay away from them for now until regulation or control is brought in. Both are extremely dangerous, let alone illegal/outlawed in most places.

It’s understandable that you want to look and feel better and biohacking is definitely going to help you achive those things and can maximize your results in minimal time and with as little effort as possible.

There are so many safe and enjoyable ways to apply biohacking to what you do and how you do it, you just need to have goals and reverse engineer your biohacking to suit.

In fact if you’re new to biohacking then check out the new to biohacking article on HackBiohacking.

So, rather than worndering if biohacking’s safe, the question should actually be: what safe and legal biohacks can I start today?

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