Write It Down – There’s a direct link between writing and the brain . . .

Science has proved there’s a direct link between writing and the brain that typing, thinking or even saying out loud doesn’t do.

Science has discovered that handwriting is a powerful biohack as it develops multiple areas of the brain and makes it more efficient and this in turn will make getting what you want, if you write it down, far more likely.

Research shows that handwriting increase activity in certain areas of the brain, releasing creativity, which is a major advantage when you want to get something. In fact writing has a similar effect to meditation.

Another fact that science has discovered is that handwriting also activate the areas of the brain that help thinking, memory, language and even healing – so this ultimately has a positive effect on what we think, so combining this with what we want is powerful and a real biohack.

And a third biohacking benefit of writing down what you want is that, according to neuroscientists, this process gives you more time to structure thoughts and therefore gives them greater meaning and significance. The simple act of writing forces the slowing down of thoughts actually provides rest for the brain and this helps creativity too.

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