How Do I Store CBD?

CBD is best stored - as labelled on most packaging - in a cool, dry, dark place. A fridge or a pantry are two great places to store CBD as they are cold, dry and dark. When taking CBD with you

CBD is growing in popularity, but one thing people are never quite sure about is how to safely store it, as you must do with all supplements so we’ll answer that question for you and also how to tell if it has gone off too, so you stay safe.

How Do I Store CBD? CBD is best stored in a cool, dry, dark place. Just like food, a fridge or cupboard is a great place to store it. Don’t store it in a bathroom cabinet as this can be warm and damp.

Cool, dry, dark place

Keep out of direct light

Keep the bottle of CBD in a straight, upright position away from direct light as exposure can cause CBD to degrade. Cannabinoids such as CBD last longest in colder, darker places.

Pantries and fridges are both cool, dry and – when closed – dark so are great places to store CBD.

Although with fridges, CBD oil can become too cold and begin to thicken – much like coconut oil, this can easily be reversed by running the container under hot water or overheat for a short period.

Keep CBD away from heat

Keep CBD products away from exposure to heat. Keep them away from hobs or other appliances that may give off heat, and away from direct sunlight. In hotter countries, keep CBD in the fridge rather than a pantry which could easily get warm.

When planning to use CBD consistently, daily, avoid the freezer as this will cause the oil to freeze and solidify making it impossible to use without having to defrost every time you want to do so.

Keeping CBD in the freezer can be good for storage long term as it can help it to not ‘spoil’ for longer, however, it is not recommended for short term convenience.

People believe that keeping CBD in the fridge will also increase its shelf life. Generally, the cooler, the longer it will last, the fresher it will be.

Avoid exposure to air

Exposure to air can also degrade CBD. This is why the majority of CBD products are contained within airtight containers and packaging, which do not let in air.

If buying from a trusted, reputable retailer, keep CBD in its original packaging with minimal disturbance to stop the degrading process and ensuring a longer shelf life.

How long does CBD last for once it is opened?

Biohacking safely requires you to keep all supplements fresh because over time, and with exposure to the environment, they will at best be less effective and may even be dangerous.

Generally, 12 to 14 months is the most commonly used time for how long CBD will last when storing it as recommended.

Each product should have an expiration date on it so check for this. Purchase from trusted, reputable sources to guarantee quality.

Often, for people who use CBD regularly, the content of the bottles or drops are consumed way before then and replaced.

Following storage guidelines is not essential unless you believe you won’t consume the product within its best before date, and want to ensure that the CBD lasts that long.

Does CBD ‘spoil’?

CBD does spoil. This is why it has a best before date and storage recommendations.

The cannabinoids eventually begin to degrade over time, exposure to heat, light, and air speeds up this process which is why it’s recommended to keep CBD away from being exposed to these elements.

The CBD will not become dangerous or anything of the like but it will no longer be as strong or potent and therefore useful.

How can you tell if CBD has spoiled?

The color of the CBD is a good indicator as to whether it is bad or not. Signs that your CBD oil is no longer ‘good’ include:

  • Colour change
  • Foggy/murky/cloudy appearance
  • Different texture
  • Different taste

Fogged oil which does not have the same color as when it was bought is a sign that it is no longer ‘good’, the texture may change and the taste will be different as well. Keep a lookout for these signs and replace the product as soon as possible if they present.


To prolong the shelf life of CBD it is recommended to store it in a cool, dry and dark place. For long term storage (longer than the best before) keep CBD in the freezer.

Often users will consume the product way before its best before date, therefore following the guidelines are not essential but something to consider.

Not keeping CBD in a cool, dry, dark place could begin the degrading process earlier and making the product less potent and therefore useful.

Signs to look out for when trying to identify spoiled CBD are color, appearance, taste and odor change.

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